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We are delighted to welcome you and we hope that your stay with us will be most pleasant.

We have been honest with ourselves and have chosen to do what pleases us while thinking of what pleases you ...

We contribute to local life and favor fresh products from our region and small local producers. Our membership in the title of Maître Restaurateur de France certifies this commitment.

The organic bread comes from Saligos in the village opposite.

Lamb, farm veal, beef bought directly at the Sajous butcher from producers in our valley.

The fresh trout comes from Lau Balagnas 18 km from our home

The honey is bought at the apiary of Tourmalet and from a beekeeper "le apiary des fées"

The pure ewe, blue Basque and mixed cheese is bought on site at the cheese cellar in Luz-Saint Sauveur.

The fresh vegetables come from Pierrefitte, 10 km away.

Black pork charcuterie is provided for a craftsman from Argeles Gazost Mr Sajous

In short, 80% of the food we serve comes from the locality.

We respect nature and heritage:

Our hotel and our restaurant are part of the Esprit Parc National brand

By eliminating as much as possible single-use plastics, straws, cups, bottles

A few welcome products on your arrival, then a pump bottle to complete this use throughout your stay.

All our staff are sensitive to sorting waste, used oils are recycled by the aloalhuile company, sorted glasses, cardboard boxes and plastics as well.

  • We make compost with mowing plants, we do not use insecticide either in the premises or outside in our plantations, the hotel is very flowered every year and thus contributes to the maintenance of a certain biodiversity .
  • We save water and energy by encouraging you to drop off the bathroom linen that you want us to renew. It will not be changed systematically.
  • The lighting is 80% provided by LED bulbs We encourage you to turn off any light switches in your room when you leave it.
  • The construction of the hotel is part of the conservation of our heritage, respecting the use of local materials, slate, slate, wood.
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